If you are looking for a guide on how to use a penis pump, you’re in the right place. We will also cover everything you need to know about using one. As someone with a penis, you might be considering a penis pump for the purpose of improving your erection or increasing size.

Also included will be some of our selections for the best penis pumps on the market. If you have never used one, this guide will help you use one (assuming you’re a complete newbie). You might notice a difference in your size.

Some may utilize other practices such as penile stretching or jelqs.

Let’s begin to talk about all you need to know about penis pumps and the materials that are relevant.

Penis pump in use

    What is a penis pump?

    A penis pump is a device that consists of a plastic chamber. It also goes by different names such as a vacuum pump or erection pump. This is intended for you to insert the penis into the chamber.

    The pump can be operated by hand or battery. Either way, the chamber will create suction that will help you develop an erection. It may be stronger than normal (or when it’s developed on its own).

    Pumps can be used as a sex toy during foreplay. However, other penis owners have used it for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Others have reported using it for the purpose of enhancing their penis.

    Those who practice penis enhancement will use a penis pump in conjunction with stretches or jelqs.

    What does a penis pump do?

    A penis pump will create a vacuum-like function. The suction will send blood to the penis and fill the vessels. When this happens, the penis will begin to swell in size.

    Thus, it will create an erection. Your penis will noticeably be larger and harder. Because of this, it can be useful in treating conditions like ED.

    For best results, you can use a cock ring to maintain the erection. This will ensure that the blood stays in the penis once erect. A penis pump can be used safely if you follow the instructions.

    Please keep in mind that you will need to take necessary precautions before using a penis pump. If you suffer from a blood disorder, take blood thinners, or have a history of blood clots, it is not recommended to use one.

    Reasons to consider using a penis pump

    If you are looking to purchase a penis pump, consider the following reasons:

    You want to improve your erections

    Whether it’s from ED or if you don’t have stronger erections, a penis pump can be useful for this purpose. If you are able to achieve an erection on your own, you may rule out ED.

    You want to change things up during sex

    Sex right now might be enjoyable or maybe less than ideal. The key would be to change things up. Using a penis pump for recreational purposes might be a good idea to consider.

    It can increase the size. It can even improve the overall sexual experience between you and your partner. As mentioned, a penis pump will not increase your size permanently.

    It will increase temporarily. It might also aid you in having better sex with your partner. Who said it never hurts to try new things in the bedroom?

    Use it as a PE aid

    If you are using penis enhancement methods such as stretches and jelqs, you may use a penis pump. In fact, there are plenty of penis owners reporting results when these methods are combined with pumps.

    Again, pumps provide temporary results. Yet, it can help enhance the long-term results which have been accrued by the other methods. Keep in mind that PE and the results provided are often disputed, so experiment accordingly if you believe that PE can help enhance your penis size in the long term.

    For better reference on penis enhancement, consider websites such as PEGym, ThundersPlace, or r/gettingbigger on Reddit.

    Benefits of using a penis pump

    Penis pumps have the ability to do the following:

    Increases penis size

    Yes, penis pumps do indeed increase penis size. You may have seen this claim on websites or ads promoting them. Here’s the catch: it’s done on a temporary basis.

    If you have bought one for the purpose of increasing your penis size permanently, you will be disappointed. We get it - you might be feeling a bit concerned about your penis size.

    You might feel like it won’t do enough. Keep in mind that your current penis size will likely be enough for your partner. It might not be for all of them and that’s fine.

    If you want to increase your size just for the fun of it - go for it. You might notice a difference in your penis size and your sexual experience with your partner. From there, you can decide whether using a pump on a regular basis to temporarily increase your size during foreplay will be necessary.

    At the end of the day, getting a bigger penis (albeit permanently) may not be achievable with a penis pump.

    It treats erectile dysfunction

    Your size may not be the least of your worries. It might be whether or not you can achieve an erection. If this is a difficulty, a penis pump will get the job done.

    However, there may be an underlying cause. Erectile dysfunction can be a hidden sign that you may be dealing with a more serious health issue. This can be diabetes, heart disease, or another health condition.

    Please see your doctor if you are dealing with erectile dysfunction. It will also provide you with an opportunity to unearth what kind of health issue you may be dealing with. Of course, a penis pump will not treat these issues - an appropriate treatment plan will.

    Typically, Viagra or Cialis (among other medications) are prescribed by a doctor to treat ED. Yet, it might not be a good idea if you are dealing with certain health issues. Penis pumps can be an excellent alternative.

    To further solidify this, men with diabetes and ED used penis pumps to achieve an erection. In one study involving 45 penis owners, 75 percent of them were successful. Another medical condition that can cause ED is the result of a prostatectomy.

    Penis owners who have undergone this procedure to treat prostate cancer used a penis pump. 95 percent of men reported that their ED improved with the help of a penis pump during their recovery.

    Improves erection quality

    Even if you don’t have ED, you still might have an erection quality that isn’t the best. For that reason, you may consider using a penis pump. Again, this solution is temporary and not permanent. 

    This means you may need to make some improvements in your overall health. This can include but not limited to regular exercise and an improved diet.

    How to use a penis pump?

    Before going further, if you haven’t purchased a penis pump, you may skip to the next section. Another thing we recommend is bookmarking this post for reference. This way you can revisit this section once you have a penis pump of your own.

    You also need to take into account the following precautions:

    Shave your pubes

    This can keep the pump clean. At the same time, you’ll be able to provide a better chance for the pump to be sealed around the base of your penis.

    Don’t wear a cock ring for too long

    If you are using a cock ring, it’s recommended that you keep it on for a minimum of 20 minutes. If you have used one in the past, you can try and keep it on for as long as (but no more than) 30 minutes.

    Follow instructions

    No further explanation needed at this point. We’ll have a section on safety in a bit.

    Use lube

    When it comes to almost any sexual activity, it’s hard to live without lube. In the case of using a penis pump, you will need to use lube. Apply this around the base of your penis and on your shaft. This will make the pump easier to seal. It will also make it easier to slide off when you are finished.

    Step-by-step guide on using a penis pump

    1. Place the pump over your penis
    2. Depending on the type of pump you are using, you will need to use your hand of the ‘electric’ feature to help create a vacuum. Follow the instructions provided.
    3. Remove the pump safely after you have achieved an erection.
    4. To help maintain an erection, slide a cock ring around the base of your penis. Adjustable cock rings will be useful here if you are new to using a penis pump. Remember to keep the ring on for at least 20 minutes.

    Risks and side effects of using a penis pump

    While there are upsides to using a penis pump, there are downsides. Let’s take a look what they are:

    Burst blood vessels

    This can appear as small red dots. These may be found under the skin of the penis.


    This can be due to the incorrect use of a penis pump. Penile injuries can occur if you use a penis pump without following the instructions carefully.

    Unnatural erections

    Some may report that erections may feel spontaneous or unnatural.

    Numbness of skin and discoloration

    This may be due to the cock ring being too tight around the base of your penis.

    Lack of firmness at penis base

    The base of your penis may not be as firm as other areas.

    Painful ejaculation

    Areas of your penis that may be constricted can lead to painful ejaculations. Some may report that feelings of semen being trapped are possible.

    Mental effects

    Some may feel ashamed or embarrassed about using a penis pump before sex. To mitigate this, you can talk to your partner about your situation. It would be better to make them aware that you intend to use a penis pump rather than have them find out about it later on.

    Safety tips when using a penis pump

    We believe that using a penis pump can be an enjoyable experience. However, you will need to follow these safety tips below. Doing so makes the difference between a positive experience from a negative one.

    Here are some tips to follow down below:

    Follow the instructions

    This may be the most important safety tip on the list. It may seem tedious. Yet, it can save you the trouble of dealing with a penis injury. Follow the instructions (even if you have to read them when you first use it).

    Consider your medical issues

    If you have any pre-existing medical issues like we’ve mentioned above (taking blood thinners, history of blood clots, or blood disorders), you will need to refrain from using a penis pump.

    Otherwise, take into account some of the other medical issues you may have. Speak to a doctor (preferably a urologist) about any medical conditions that may interfere with the use of a penis pump.

    Use lube

    Using lube can be a great safety tip. It will allow you the ability to remove the pump should you feel any pain.

    Take note of your experience

    If you are new to using a penis pump, be sure to follow the instructions. Also, you will need to know when to remove the pump itself.

    The best time to do it is when you notice your penis is fully erect. If you are using a cock ring, newbies are recommended to keep it on for 20 minutes (and no later).

    If you notice any issues, stop using it

    If you notice any side effects such as burst blood vessels, discoloration, or any penile pain, stop using the penis pump. You may need to consult with your doctor for any treatment plans for these side effects.

    Other fun ways to use a penis pump

    Your penis pump might be useful with other sex toys during foreplay or sex itself. What could be used?

    We’ve mentioned cock rings, but let’s consider other options:

    Use a vibrator

    Imagine the suction of a penis pump coming together with the vibration from a vibrator. This can be useful if you want to increase the intensity. Place the vibrator somewhere on the outer side of the pump. It never hurts to give this a shot with a partner.

    Check out vibrators at The Sex Shed.

    Perfect for roleplay

    Roleplay with a combination of ''big dick'' fetish will be the perfect time to use a penis pump. If your partner has seen your penis before using a pump, they might be shocked by the noticeable changes after its use.

    If playing doctor/patient roleplay is what you do, include a scene where the patient may have an issue and penis pump is the way to cure it.

    Long-distance exhibitionism

    Suppose you and your partner are not close by. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from modern technology, we can be able to see each other face to face.

    And we have a camera for us to see each other and what we’re doing. What are we getting at here?

    Why...long distance cybersex with the help of a penis pump of course. Showing off your penis with the help of a penis pump can get your long-distance partner turned on fast.

    Where can I buy penis pumps?

    The best place to purchase penis pumps are at a sex shop. You can purchase one on-site. If you are more comfortable, you can order it online.

    The Sex Shed will be one place to check out.

    Best penis pumps

    Bathmate Hydromax 9 (Clear)

    Bathmate Hydromax 9 (Clear)

    Use warm water to pump your penis to a bigger size. No greater feeling in the world trying this one out.

    Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7 (Clear)

    Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7 (Clear)

    This has a hand ball add on for maximum pressure. Great for anyone with a penis of average size.

    VeDo Pump

    VeDo Pump

    Want thicker, harder erections? With a press of a button, you get five seconds of suction that will help get the job done.

    Man Wand Pump One

    Man Wand Pump One

    Three suction modes, 7 vibration modes, and the ability to warm up. It’s a penis pump and a male masturbator - what more could you want?

    Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7 (Clear)

    Bathmate Hydro7 Clear

    Water-based power for harder erections? You’ll have the best five minute sessions of your life with this penis pump.

    Final thoughts on penis pumps

    Finding the right penis pump shouldn’t be a challenge. You can find the right one that fits your size. From there, you can be able to use it to achieve harder, stronger erections.

    The perk of increased size will be there as well. It can even make sex for you and your partner to be more enjoyable.