Scavenger hunt details

The Sex Shed is one cute but mysterious shed.

It's a building of sorts but building with feelings and thoughts of its own.

Weird right?

Since not many people know it* and know its true personality, it* decided to hide clues and puzzles inside and around itself, in order to motivate people to wander around and to know it better.

And just like that, The Sex Shed Scavenger Hunt was born.

An adventure that will challenge even the most experienced scavenger hunters and puzzle solvers among all of you.

The Sex Shed and we wish you all the luck in the world.

You're going to need it.

Where are the clues?

Here are some places where you could look for clues:

  • Product descriptions (tough one, there are many products in our store)
  • In one of the first 4 emails you'll get when you subscribe (seems easy to find it but is it really?)
  • In the quiz - there is a link on the homepage and on the top of each page (if you haven't minimized it already)
  • In the illustrations around The Sex Shed (we recommend downloading the illustrations and utilizing the zoom function)
  • Inside blog posts (can be hidden in illustrations or text, or both)
  • Inside the Interesting stuff pages (listed on the bottom of the website)


There are 11 clues The Sex Shed left for you to find.

Each of these 11 clues is a standalone discount code you can use in our shop - unfortunately - you can not combine the discount codes, however, you can save them and use them later, when you place a new order.

However, if you're up to the challenge and find all the 11 clues, you will unlock the SPECIAL REWARD.


The fabled SPECIAL REWARD is a reward intended for the rare ones who manage to discover all the clues and solve all the puzzles. A task that is not easy but is doable.

If you succeed, you will get $150 worth of sex toys & gear from The Sex Shed - of your choosing. 

(that includes tax & shipping, so a bit less than $150)

How to play The Sex Shed scavenger hunt?

Start looking for clues and whenever you're ready to submit them - or whenever you have any questions regarding the Scavenger hunt - send us an email at hello@thesexshed.

Send us a list of the places where you found the clues, we will check it and send you the reward.

Including ''scavenger hunt'' in the headline of an email will help us recognize it and reply in the shortest amount of time possible.

Good luck!

Scavenger hunt winners

Okay, here is the list of all people who succeded in finding all the clues.

  1. Trix (August/2022)
  2. Trixie (September/2022)
  3. Jacob (November/2022)
  4. Alex (July/2023)

Scavenger hunt bulleting board

8/20/22: Thanks to the tip from a friend, we found a post online, on a website and in a Discord server explaining how to find all the clues. So today, we changed up the locations of some of the clues. Today, the scavenger the hunt is reset and to in order to win you have to send all the new positions/clues.

9/12/22: October is a spooky month which means it is time for a spooky scavenger hunt that will include you receiving 2 pages from a newspaper called Horror Weekly. Stay tuned!

11/29/22: The prize amount has been lowered to $150. The prize will go back to $200 in February next year.

7/21/23: Unfortunately, the price will remain $150 for the forseeable future. Thank you.

8/2/23: The scavenger hunt is only for the folks from the US. If you're from outside the US, reach out and we'll figure out a prize for you, however, you might be responsible for shipping costs.

8/24/23: Today, the scavenger the hunt is reset and to in order to win you have to send all the new positions/clues. This was done in order to prevent sharing.

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