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A collection of bondage handcuffs perfect for bondage enthusiasts of all levels.

Sportsheets Saffron Thigh & Wrist Cuff Set


Saffron Thigh and Wrist Cuff Set is designed to work with many positions. and offers a variety of restraint combinations. From wrist bound to wrist and thighs bound together to crossing...

Sportsheets Saffron Cuffs


These heavy-duty wrist restraints have a soft interior for comfort. Link the cuffs together like a standard set of handcuffs, or separate them and combine with a spreader bar, chains,...

Sportsheets Saffron Neck & Wrist Restraints


Saffron Neck & Wrist Restraints allows to position the spine down the front or back of your partner and clip their wrists in place as they submit to the sensations.  Part of Saffron...

S&M Metal Handcuffs


Nickel-free metal handcuffs with quick release. Fully locking cuffs with metal keys included. Features: Materials: Nickel-free metal 2 keys Additional information: This might not be suitable for folks who have limited...

Sportsheets Saffron Gauntlet Cuffs


Increase the sense of adventure and introduce the thrill of powerlessness to your sex life. Can be used to bind your partner from behind or in front.  Part of Saffron collection. ...

Sportsheets Saffron 3-Piece Bondage Kit


Saffron Bondage set is ideal for full-body submission, hog-tieing and more. Use all the pieces together or interchangeably for optimum positioning.  Part of Saffron collection.  Features: Material: PU leather, iron, polypropylene foam Includes...

Rianne S Diamond Liz Handcuffs


This pair of Rianne S Diamond Liz bracelets can be worn as jewelry, then transformed into handcuffs for light bondage.  These refined handcuffs have a golden finish, topped with sparkling...

Sportsheets Intro to S&M Kit


The Intro to S&M Kit has everything needed to gently begin the rewarding play of BDSM. Includes: Blindfold  Size: 7.5'' x 3'' / 19 cm x 7.6 cm Adjustable elastic band  Materials:...

Sex Kitten Fur Handcuffs


These double-locking metal handcuffs are covered with a super soft pink fluff that make them very comfortable. Features: Materials: metal, faux fur Size: Length: 10" / 25.4 cm  Width: 4" /...

Rianne S Kinky Me Softly Bondage Kit


RIANNE S turned a beautiful handbag into a naughty item for couple play. This set is perfect for beginners interested in bondage.  The bag contains: Bag Size: 16.1'' x 11.8''...

Everything Bondage Kit


For those who want a head start on all things bondage, this kit includes a little bit of everything. Includes: Wrist cuffs Ankle cuffs Collar Leash Blindfold Flogger Ball gag...

Bijoux Indiscrets Za Za Zu Feather Cuffs


Elegant and soft marabou lined wrist cuffs.  Contains one chain that can adjust to any wrist. Size: 7.28'' / 18.5 cm Materials: marabou, metal

How can I play with handcuffs?

Playing with handcuffs aka sex cuffs aka bondage handcuffs, can be thrilling for both singles and couples. For singles, try self-restraint techniques to explore different sensations safely. For couples, communication is crucial. Begin with simple handcuffs or soft sex cuffs, discussing boundaries and safe words.

What types of handcuffs are available?

Handcuffs come in various styles, including metal handcuffs, leather cuffs, and soft, adjustable sex cuffs. Metal handcuffs offer a classic and firm restraint, while leather cuffs provide a more comfortable and adjustable fit. Soft sex cuffs are ideal for beginners due to their gentle and secure design. Each type offers different levels of restriction to suit your preferences and experience level.

Are handcuffs safe to use?

Yes, handcuffs, including sex cuffs and bondage handcuffs, are safe to use when applied correctly. Ensure that the cuffs do not cut off circulation or cause pain. Establish a safe word with your partner to stop any activity if needed. Regularly check in with each other to ensure comfort and consent throughout your play.

How do I choose the right handcuffs?

When choosing handcuffs, consider your experience level and comfort. Beginners may prefer soft sex cuffs or padded leather cuffs for a more comfortable experience, while more experienced users might opt for metal handcuffs or advanced bondage handcuffs. Look for cuffs that are durable and adjustable to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

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