Butt plugs are interesting sex toys. Or they look cute and innocent, with beautiful colors and designs, more like jewelry, or they seem scary, too big, and weird shapes.

You may have seen butt plug somewhere before and didn’t even think it was an anal toy. Anal toys often look like cute and silly tools that bored people buy at three in the morning on Amazon.

But butt plugs are far from boring or stupid - if you like anal stimulation, you’ll love them!

Inserting a butt plug 

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug, also called the anal plug, is a sex toy that goes into the anus and can be worn and enjoyed by anyone!

Butt plugs can stay in the anus during the play session without moving or thrusting and provide stimulation simply by wearing them.

They are usually in the shape of a cone with a flared base at the end that prevents them from going too far and getting lost in the anus.

Benefits of using butt plugs

Anyone with an anus, regardless of their genitals, orientation, or gender, can benefit from butt plugs. 

  • Those toys stimulate the nerve endings in the anus, which brings sexual pleasure and extreme satisfaction.
  • Butt plugs are an ideal toy for those interested in anal sex. These little toys can prepare your booty for something bigger, like a penis, dildo, or strap-on.
  • Anal stimulation can discover unknown sensations in your body and increase your arousal.
  • Butt plugs will enhance your masturbation and sexual experience.
  • They help you reach orgasm faster and more intensely.
  • Anal toys can improve your sex life and health.

Are butt plugs safe?

Butt plugs - just like other sex toys - are safe if used correctly! The biggest known fear of using butt plugs and other anal toys that you may have heard before is that you will lose them in your anus. 

There are stories of people who lost their sex toy in their booty and experienced the most embarrassing visit to the hospital in their lives.

Yes, this can happen, but only if you use the wrong toys or things that don’t belong in the anus. First, never insert items in your anus that are not meant to go there and can get lost. Butt plugs have a flared base so they don’t get lost in the anus and are easy to pull out.

Other helpful tips for using anal plugs:

  • Cleaning: Every sex toy must be clean before and after play. When it comes to anal toys, you need to be even more careful because of the bacteria and feces in your anus.
  • Use a lot of lube: We recommend using any sex toy with lubricant, but for anal play, lubricant is not optional. Using anal toys without lube can cause irritation, severe pain, and injury!
  • Leave it in the butt: Never move any anal toy into the vagina unless you want to visit the emergency room due to an infection! Even if you are completely clean, your anus still has bacteria that can be transmitted to the vagina.

 Butt plugs & aftercare

  • Butt plugs should be cleaned immediately after the play.
  • Anal toys should be properly cleaned and disinfected as feces and bacteria may remain on them.
  • Non-porous butt plugs made of heat-resistant materials (stainless steel and heat-proof glass) can be placed in a bowl of boiling water for 10 minutes and left to cool and dry.
  • Anal plugs made of non-porous materials that don't like heat (silicone) and toys made of porous material can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.
  • We recommend toys made of non-porous materials, as they can be properly disinfected. Porous materials are dangerous because they can trap bacteria and germs on toys!
  • Wait for the butt plugs to dry, or dry them with a clean cloth or paper towel before storing.
  • Store your toys in a clean and dry place, like a cloth bag or box, so bacteria and dust stay away from them.

What is the point in using butt plugs?

There are many good reasons why people enjoy butt plugs:

  • They are the perfect toys for kinky BDSM sessions and a submissive and dominant game.
  • People with prostate use them to stimulate the prostate and reach prostate orgasm.
  • Vagina owners can enjoy them during sex and experience double penetration.
  • Wearing your butt plugs while getting oral pleasure (or during fingering/hand job) can help you reach orgasm faster (and it feels so good).
  • Butt plugs can be used to warm up and prepare for anal sex.
  • They can be worn during any other action (masturbation, oral sex, hand job, fingering, penetrating sex) and with any other sex toys.

How do you use a butt plug?

You’ve bought a new plug and can’t wait to use it. You may even be nervous or stressed if you are using the anal toy for the first time. 

If you are a beginner and don't have much experience with anal play, follow our guide:

  • Relax. Any activity that involves an anal orifice requires a relaxed state of mind and body. Don't force yourself, breathe and continue when you feel like it.
  • Set the mood. Get ready for the experience by cleaning the room, playing sexy or relaxing music, lighting a candle, and reading or watching erotica.
  • Get turned on. If you are aroused and horny, you will easier take the butt plug, so play with yourself first and build up the tension.
  • Use a lot of lube. Every anal activity needs lubrication as the anus doesn't produce its own lubricant (like a vagina). Apply a generous amount of the proper lubricant depending on the toy material.
  • Go slow. Be gentle, and don’t just shove the toy inside. Take your time and be aware of sensations and stimulations. You can insert it, wait and see how it feels.
  • Enjoy your toy. Your butt plug can stay inside while you do other things like masturbate or have sex.

If you use your butt plug with your partner, talk about it first and let them know your concerns and expectations. They need to prepare you for the anal plug, apply lubricant and slowly and gently continue with the toy.

If something feels uncomfortable while playing with your partner, tell them and try another position, use more lube or take a break.

Creative ideas for using a butt plug

Wear vibrating plugs in public

There is nothing better than a little secret anal stimulation when you’re outside, running around, or having a drink. Try vibrating plugs that tease you with their low, mild, or intense vibrations.

Mix and match with other toys

Butt plugs love other sex toys! Insert an anal plug while playing with another toy, such as a dildo, masturbator, vibrator, or cock ring.

Partner play

To make anal fun even more exciting, try remote-controlled butt plugs. One can wear it, and the other controls the buzzing plug and stimulates their partner. Or take it outside, and have a private hot fun in public.

Long foreplay

Insert your butt plug an hour or two before your planned date or masturbation. Tease yourself and see if you can wait until the main event.

How to choose a butt plug? 

Buying any sex toy in our time can be overwhelming as there is so much choice, and different types, sizes, shapes, colors, price ranges, and materials.

When it comes to butt plugs, and you are a beginner, choose a small toy. Go big or go home doesn't apply to anal toys! You can't expect your booty to take a huge size (or even medium) toy, without any warm-up or preparation. 

Pick a small toy that is easy to use. Start training your anus, and you will soon move to the big department.

Buy butt plugs made of non-porous material (silicone, stainless steel, glass, and metal) that can be completely cleaned and don't keep bacteria on them. Butt plugs and other anal toys require special care as bacteria or feces can persist on them.

Sex toys made of porous materials can’t be completely disinfected, and bacteria and germs that cause infections and irritations can survive on them. Go for butt plugs made of materials that are safe for your body!

Lube is necessary for anal toys, including butt plugs. Silicone lubricants are best for all types of anal play as they are thick, slippery, and don't dry out quickly! But if your butt plugs are made of silicone, use a water-based lubricant to avoid damaging your toy!

Where to buy butt plugs? 

Butt plugs are a perfect toy for those interested in anal sex and people who like to experiment with new sex toys.

They are easy to use and clean, and any sex play will be more exciting and enjoyable. You can wear them during masturbation and sexual activities or when you go shopping or doing errands.

Check out The Sex Shed and choose a new toy that will stimulate you day and night!

Best butt plugs for beginners

Here are some of our favorite plugs from The Sex Shed:

Final words

Butt plugs are great toys for beginners and experienced folks, however - word of advice - start small and work your way to bigger and thicker butt plugs.