Sex is slowly becoming a normal topic in our society. In the past, discussions about sexuality, sensual pleasures, and masturbation were taboo, but now we can chat about them almost freely.

Talking about sex help diminish the stigma surrounding sex toys and expose dangerous myths about the adult industry and people who use these magical tools.

When we mention sex toys, we often focus on genitals and forget about other erogenous areas in the body that need attention. 

Nipples are one of them - an area that often gets a touch or two, little licking, few bites, and is soon forgotten on the way to genital erogenous zones.

Wearing nipple clamps


What if we stop for a moment and enjoy nipples as the main course? They are extra sensitive and have hundreds of nerves ready for stimulation.

Nipples deserve their sex toys too!


What are nipple clamps?  

As the name suggests, nipple clamps are sex toys designed to squeeze and stimulate nipples. When attached, the clamps pinch the nipples and stop the blood circulation in that area.

You can feel a pleasant tingling and painful pleasure that most people describe as an extreme pinching feeling. When you remove the clamps the blood returns to the nipples and covers you with intense sensations. For most users, this is the icing on the nipple cake, as they feel the exciting tingling and pulsing.

They are often made of metal and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.

Forget about other sex toys for a moment - nipple clamps are available in different designs with chains, feathers, weights, and other accessories.

You can even choose kits that attach to the nipples and connect to the genitals, neck, mouth, or other body parts.  They stimulate and pinch your nipples while also looking aesthetically pleasing, like jewelry.

Types of nipple clamps

Nipple clamps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. And most importantly, with different levels of tightness and pain. Not all types are suitable for beginners, so check out our guide and choose the right nipple jewelry for you:

Clover clamps

The classic metallic type with a chain that connects clamps together. When you pull the chain, you enhance the pressure on the nipples and give the wearer intense stimulation. These toys are suitable for advanced users that can handle the pain!

Tweezer clamps 

These clamps resemble tweezers and are a great choice for beginners. They have rubber tips that make them more comfortable and metal rings to adjust the pressure.

Beginners and advanced users love them because they can modify the level of tension and pain and increase it once they are used to it, which means these nipple clamps grow with you!

Alligator clamps

Another adjustable nipple clamps model that looks like an alligator mouth. They come with tiny screws for adjusting the tightness of the pinch and with rubber tips to make it more comfortable for the wearer. 

Some of them have teeth under the tops to improve the intensity. Even if they are adjustable, the alligator model is recommended for more experienced users.

You can also choose from:

  • Vibrating clamps that stimulate with vibrations
  • Clamps of different weights
  • Clamps with add-ons such as feathers, hearts, pendants
  • Ball gags with nipple clamps
  • Collars with nipple clamps
  • Bondage collars with nipple clamps

Why do people use nipple clamps? 

Simply; people use and play with nipple clamps because they are great sex toys and bring lots of pleasure and sexual stimulation. But also, because: 

  • They are simple sex toys. Attach them and enjoy the pinching and pleasant sensations. 
  • They are visually stunning. Some people like to wear them as jewelry and please their eyes during sex or masturbation.
  • They can help you orgasm. Wearing nipple clips during sex or another game can stimulate you to climax.
  • Allow you to experience hands-free nipple play. Pinch your nipples with clamps while your partner satisfies you orally and enjoy double stimulation!
  • Can improve kinky sessions. The BDSM community loves nipple toys because they are ideal for dominance and submissive play. 
  • They are great for everyone. Some may not enjoy the nipple clamps sensations, but that doesn’t mean these toys shouldn’t be tested by everyone on this planet.

How to safely use nipple clamps? 

Testing nipple clamps can be a little scary at first, but soon you’ll want to wear them all the time. If you just bought them, help yourself with our tips:

  1. Try them first. To see how powerful they are, use them on your fingers or ears. 
  2. Start with adjustable nipple clamps. Beginners should use adjustable clamps with screws so they can modify the tightness and level of stimulation.
  3. Place them on erect nipples. Before you pinch your nipples, try to get them maximally erect. If your nipples get hard after putting the nipple clamps on, the pain can be unbearable. 
  4. Put them on the base of your nipples. If you start at the end, it can be too painful for a beginner. Be careful not to pinch the sensitive skin around the nipples and adjust the screw if you find it too tight or uncomfortable. 
  5. Remove them if they hurt. There is little difference between painful pleasure or uncomfortable pain. If you feel pain during use, loosen the screw (if you have adjustable clips) and make them less tight. If the pain persists, remove them and take a break. Maybe it is just not nipple day!

Different ways to use nipple clamps

Nipple clamps are a versatile sex toy that will suit any situation or sexual action!

  • Wear them outside. Nipple clamps can be discreet sex toys, so why not put them on before you leave the house? A little secret stimulation may shorten your walk if you decide to return home earlier for intimate fun.
  • Put them on for solo play. Before you start masturbating, you can pinch your nipples and stimulate yourself to orgasm. For extra arousal, do this in front of a mirror and admire your reflection.
  • Enjoy them with your partner. Nipple clamps can be worn during any type of sex and for foreplay. These stunning sex toys offer hands-free stimulation so you can enjoy other things with your partner while your nipples enjoy teasing!
  • Use them for kinky play. Nipple clamps are one of the most popular sex toys for BDSM lovers. You can always use them for light or extreme dominance and submissive play, but don't forget to choose your safe word if things become too intense. 
  • Mix them with other sex toys. Nipple clamps love company! Because you can wear and enjoy them - literally - without moving a finger, make your or your partner’s hands busy with other sex toys!

Nipple clamps aftercare

Our pain tolerance increases when we feel adrenaline and arousal. While using the nipple clamps, you may not feel any discomfort but only painful pleasure.

After a few hours, you may feel pain or soreness in the nipple area. Wear loose-fitting clothes that don't rub your skin and help yourself with a cold compress.

Playing with nipple clamps and especially in combination with a BDSM session, can be intense for some people. Check yourself and your partner during and after the nipple clamp operation.

Talk about your experiences and discuss what you liked and what you didn’t. Cuddle, rest, and recover from the session. If you’ve used them yourself, consider how this works (or doesn’t) for you.

Where to buy nipple clamps?

Nipple clamps are awesome sex toys that can be used for stimulation, kinky play, or jewelry. Some sets look stunning, and just wearing them can spice up your sex life or masturbation.

In our store, you can choose from beginner, advanced, cute, hardcore, simple or complex nipple clamps that will drive you (and your partner) crazy.

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