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A collection of instructional books about sex to enrich your sexual knowledge and techniques.

The Mystery Of The Undercover Clitoris


The rumors are true! There is such a thing as a clitoris and it requires the proper care to fulfill its main purpose - providing strong, satisfying orgasms. This book...

Astrology of Love & Sex


The Astrology of Love & Sex explores the romantic and sensual sides of the zodiac. In 12 detailed chapters, astrologer Annabel Gat divulges how each sign likes to flirt, date,...

Sex for Lazy People


A humorous go-to guide for making all sex positions as easy and effortless as possible so you can get more bang for your f*ck. Featuring fifty positions, as well as...

52 Cheap Dates at Home


Enjoy date night from the comfort of your own home with these 52 inexpensive and imaginative ideas. This desk includes date night ideas like body painting, a home day spa,...

Anal Sex Basics


Sex educator Carlyle Jansen has all of the tips and techniques to ease readers into butt play and anal pleasure. Learn all of the sexiest secrets to fingering, licking, and...

Penthouse Variations on Anal


An erotic collection of stories by the sexperts at Penthouse Variations magazine. This collection brings readers to the backside and tells wild tales of anal encounters. From stories of first-timers, to experienced...

Anal Pleasure & Health


For many years the focus of fear and disgust, the anus is actually one of the human body's most wondrous creations – elegant, efficient, and richly supplied with pleasure nerves....

Playing Without A Partner


Are you single and loving it? …or single and loathing it? Erase the stigma of singledom and embrace your solo self with sexologist Megan Stubbs' comprehensive guide to all the...

Sex For One


Confronting one of our last and most deeply rooted taboos: masturbation. Noted sex expert Betty Dodson takes the shame out of self-love by creating a straightforward and appealing guidebook hat reveals...

A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability


A quick, easy, and educational comic book guide that will help change the way we talk about sex and sexuality for all bodies.  All different kinds of bods want to...

Ultimate Guide to Sex & Disability


The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability is the first complete sex guide for people who live with disabilities, pain, illness, or chronic conditions. Useful for absolutely everyone, regardless of age,...

The Ultimate Guide to Threesomes


Everything you've ever wanted to know about how to have a threesome- plus everything you'd never think to ask! The Ultimate Guide to Threesomes will teach you how to have...

What are the benefits of reading instructional sex books?

Instructional books about sex provide expert knowledge on sexual techniques, improve understanding of anatomy, and offer tips for better communication and satisfaction in your intimate relationships.

Are books about sex suitable for all experience levels?

Yes, books about sex cater to all experience levels, from beginners seeking foundational knowledge to more experienced individuals looking to refine their skills and explore advanced techniques.

Can reading books about sex improve my relationship?

Absolutely. Reading books about sex together can open up discussions about desires, preferences, and boundaries, fostering better communication and a deeper emotional and physical connection.

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