Sex toys are comrades in partner pleasure. Instead of competing to please a partner, they serve as tools to make the sensations even better, including while you’re going down on someone!

Using sex toys during oral sex

This guide offers sex toy suggestions that enhance oral sex for a wide range of bodies — penises, vaginas, and butts.

Small, pinpoint vibrators add a lot of sensation without taking up much space

If a vibrator’s tip is focused enough, you can use it on one side of the clitoris while licking the other. For example, try the Fun Factory Volta’s fluttering sensations over the clitoral hood and shaft, while sucking on the glans from below the prepuce.

Not everyone's clit is big enough for that, but it's worth a try if you already have a pinpoint vibrator. Some partners might like all of the this and some fingers inside.

The Volta is also versatile enough to use on a penis at the frenulum — consider doing that while licking the tip or sucking the balls. Frenulums are especially receptive to pleasure if a penis has its foreskin intact.

Fun Factory Volta

Hold a Magic Wand against your cheek when giving fellatio

You could also make your whole mouth vibrate during a blowjob, or at least send vibrations through your cheek onto the sensitive head of a penis.

A rumbly wand massager is best for this purpose. It’s strong while covering a wide surface area to stimulate more of the penis.

Try something like the Magic Wand Mini, Dame Com, or Gvibe Gbulb.

Wand sex toys for oral sex

G-spot/prostate toys with shallow curves leave room for the giver’s mouth

Just as fingering can feel fantastic combined with oral, so can a super intense G-spot sniper! While the njoy Pure Wand is the usual recommendation for effortlessly targeting this erogenous zone, its steep curve can make positioning uncomfortable for the giver.

As such, the Le Wand Bow and Arch are among the best steel G-spot dildos to use during cunnilingus.

You could also try a glass toy with a bulbous head, like the Icicles 70 or Chrystalino Superior.

Finally, the Pillow Talk Sassy’s silicone head is a bit more forgiving, but the vibrations are about as rumbly as you could get in this size class!

G-spot toys for oral sex

Add a short stroker or sleeve that leaves room at the tip

Use your hands to stroke the shaft during a blowjob and take it to the next level with a squishy sleeve for added textures. Some strokers will feel more realistic like a vagina than others, while others may have more abstract ribbing.

The B Swish Bhandy strokers are about 3.6” long and have removable caps on the end. If your partner’s penis is longer than that, you can use the sleeve along their shaft while sucking on the tip

For a smaller option, the Love to Love Pill sleeves are about 1.75” long. They have closed ends by default, but come in a six-pack. It’s certainly an option to leave some intact and cut a hole in others at the end for partner play.

Open ended strokers for oral sex

Try oral sex with a plug that moves or vibrates, since people of every gender have butts

Adding a plug to just about any sexual (or even non-sexual) activity can intensify pleasure. They generally provide a full feeling and slight stretch, but some plugs go above and beyond.

b-Vibe’s Rimming Plug, for example, features spinning beads in the neck to simulate a tongue circling the area. And the Snug Plug made by the same company contains jiggling beads inside; they rattle around inside their shells and tap against the walls.

Butt plugs for oral sex

Closing thoughts

Just about any sex toy could be a couples’ toy if you use it on a partner, but some lend themselves especially well to oral sex.

They don’t take up too much space and leave plenty of real estate for tongues (and often hands and fingers).

Explore The Sex Shed’s couples’ toys section for more ideas!

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